Vest dispenser at San Francisco airport making good money despite passengers’ mocking

The San Francisco International Airport has a vending machine selling vests, but despite the internet's jokes, it actually brings in thousands of dollars a month.

A vending machine selling vests at the San Francisco airport is being mocked online, but officials say it makes thousands of dollars a month.

The “Uniqlo To-Go” machine, which dispenses $50 down vests in multiple colors, brings in around $10,000 each month at SFO, according to Doug Yakel, a spokesperson for the airport.

“This is the first time we’ve had clothing available for sale from a vending machine, which we thought was very unique,” Yakel told Business Insider.

The concept of the Uniqlo clothing vending machine isn’t new. The Japanese retailer has been selling popular items in malls and airports across the country for about a year now.

uniqlo vending machine1

The Japanese company has been selling popular items in vending machines across the U.S. for about a year.  (Uniqlo)

Many of the machines sell two of the brand’s popular items, a thermal T-shirt and a lightweight down jacket, but the fact that the one in San Francisco is selling vests has made it the butt of many jokes.

For some reason, vests have become the unofficial uniform of Silicon Valley and are synonymous with investors in the area, Business Insider reports. So when someone posted a photo of the vending machine on Twitter, people couldn’t help but point how very “San Francisco” it was.

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