Tips to Become a Pro Rummy Player in 3 Days

If you have taken to rummy cards lately, 3 days of practice is enough for you to become a pro Rummy player. Rummy is one of the most interesting card games and has always been loved by card enthusiasts. The game has become more exciting after it has entered the online arena.

Here are some easy tips to become a Pro Rummy Player in just 3 Days:

  1. Use your Jokers Wisely: The card that can be used with the maximum versatility in a rummy game is a Joker. The Joker becomes your best friend after you have made a pure sequence which is always your first objective in order to win a game. After your one pure sequence is formed, the Joker helps you build your incomplete sets and/or sequences. The Wild Joker can also be used in its actual value in forming a pure sequence with the same suit cards.


  1. Pure sequence: If 5 of Spades is the Wild Joker, and you manage to have 3 of Spades, 4 of Spades, and 6 of Spades in your hand, you can use the Wild Joker in its original value and form a perfectly pure sequence.
  2. Impure Sequence: 3 of Hearts, 4 of Hearts, 7 of Spades, 6 of Hearts (7 of Spades is the Wild Joker used in place of 5 of Hearts
  3. Impure Sequence: 3 of Hearts, Printed Joker, 8 of Clubs, 6 of Hearts (Printed Joker is being used as the 4 of Hearts and 8 of Clubs is being used as the 5 of Hearts)
  4. Set: 2 of Diamonds, 2 of Clubs, Wild Joker (used as any one of the remaining two 2-s)
  5. Set: 3 of Diamonds, 3 of Hearts, Printed Joker, Wild Joker (Jokers used as 3 of Spades and 3 of Clubs)

Use your Jokers well and play on websites such Khelplay Rummy, as like a pro.

  1. Get Rid of Identical Cards: You must get rid of the identical cards in a 13 card rummy game, as identical cards are not useful in any way. Moreover, they have the huge disadvantage of adding to the points unnecessarily. Be attentive, discard the identical cards as soon as possible, and form a pure sequence at the earliest.
  2. Never Rush: You can only become a pro rummy player if you are careful and patient. You cannot become an expert real cash rummy player if you are reckless and impatient. The keys to becoming an expert lie in (a) organizing the cards in your hand properly, (b) strategizing with a focused and clear mind, and (c) executing the strategies patiently, with a cool head.

When you play rummy online or otherwise, you must remember that your patience is one of the most potent weapons that you have at your disposal. Keeping your cool goes a long way in making sure that you are able to adjust your tactics according to the situations.

Most importantly, before you declare your game, you must make sure that all your combinations are perfect. Declaration should always be a careful step. If you have patience by your side, no one can stop you from outwitting your opponent.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and become a pro at playing online rummy for entertainment.

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