5 Things You Would Love About an Electric Fryer

The modern-day kitchen is incomplete without a few of the must-have appliances and electric fryer is one of them. An electric cooker is better than conventional frying for slow cooking needs as well as deep frying.

Technology has come to the aid of today’s cooks who juggle between various roles both in and out of the house. It has come up with many innovative products like an electric fryer, that share the work load. If you buy this appliance, there are many things that you would love about it. Here are few of them.

Consumes Less Oil

Any good electric fryer is designed in such a manner that it consumes nearly 50 percent less oil than what is required in traditional fryers. This makes frying better.

Safety Measures

Frying in the conventional manner is risky as there are chances of burning self while frying if the oil splatters. You might also accidentally touch the hot vessel and get hurt. An electric fryer helps you avoid these problems as the exterior of this appliance remains cool. There are also no chances of oil getting splattered all around as it is quite deep.

Fries Better

Good electric fryers come with a digital timer and adjustable thermostat. This helps in keeping the temperature in control and you end up getting crispier food. Getting perfectly fried food using conventional manner requires expertise. However, with the help of an electric fryer anyone can dole out perfectly fried stuff making use of these features. There is no worry of food coming out soggy, under-fried or over-fried.


The appliance is very convenient to use and clean. The good ones have handy oil drainage system feature, which makes it easy to empty the appliance. . The frying basket, being dishwasher safe, is an added benefit. The interior surface has a non-stick coating, which ensures that the food doesn’t stick. As the oil gets heated in it quickly, you wouldn’t be wasting power also. Once you are done with the frying job, cleaning it is easy and simple.

Multi-Purpose Appliance

Having both space and budget constraints, you would often require appliances that are versatile. The electric fryer, besides frying, can also be used to cook your favourite curries. It simply means that frying samosas and making biryani can be done in the same appliance.

Cooking and frying can be done in a conventional manner too, but it needs your complete focus. If you get distracted even for a minute, it can result in either accidents or food getting soggy or burnt. To get rid of all this, it’s better to invest in an electric fryer.

If you have this multipurpose appliance in your kitchen, your life becomes easy and convenient. The food also gets fried in a hygienic and safe manner.

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